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Greeting from the Chairman

With the development of international exchange student, now the studying abroad student all over the world has growth until more than 3 million. It started from the United States and Europe, Singapore, and other developed countries in the world, we are focused on creating excellent students for the development of their own country. In Japan, the Ministry of Education has prepared "300,000 International Students Plan" to aims to 300,000 international students in 2020, and it has been planned since 2010 and the "New Growth Strategy" also aims to accept high quality foreign students up to 30 million people to be the target for 2020.
We feel that there is a charm in Japan that never failed to attract many foreigners to go to Japan. There are several reasons for it. First, in Japan, there is an environment that allows advanced technology development along with the economic growth after the war, and there are many ways in Japan to learn the skills and knowledge of the world’s wide level. There are also a lot of IT technicians, nurses, researchers, lawyers, doctors, and accountants come to seek a job in Japan in the future.

We believes that the market of the Japanese education business will still expanding greatly, and the growth of Japan human resources could reach the world stage. Japan has prides in various fields, and I believe that its role will become more important, not limited to the Japanese education business, but also for another wide range of business. Our goal is to contributes greatly to the society by producing a great human resources from our graduated students. Chairman Sho Tankaa
田中 翔

From the head mistress to the students

It is a great experience to be able to study abroad.
But it also doesn’t mean that it is all about fun and good things.
In the opposite, there will also be a lot of failure and hard times.
However, all those experiences will be something that cannot be replaced,
And it will have a big impact to your life.
Students who came to study abroad to Japan should enjoy the life in Japan,
Make become fluent in Japanese as your number one goal.
Finally, we are wishing and hoping that when you look back,
you will feel really glad to have come to study in Japan. Head Mistress Yayoi Tanaka
田中 やよい