List of the Documents

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・Application form
・Certificate of graduation from the last school (diploma)
・Passport photocopy
・Student Enrolment Certificate (If applicant is currently a student)
・Employment certificate (If applicant is currently employed)
・Photograph: 4,5cm × 4,5cm, white background, 2pcs. (For Student Visa)
・Photograph: 4cm × 3cm, white background, 2pcs.
・Medical certificate
・Certificate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (If applicant has)
・Certificate of attending Japanese course (If applicant has)
・Copy of previous Japanese Visa and Landing Permission (If applicant has been in Japan before)


・Official Document, which explains the relationship between applicant and sponsor (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc.)
・Certificate of bank balance (It should be more than ¥1,500,000)
・Employment Certificate
・Income Verification – Income Tax Certificate – Salary Certificate

All documents must be issued within 3 months before the day the application is submitted.

* If the documents are in a language other than Japanese or English, please submit a translation.