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Health and Insurance

Please have a medical check-up before coming to Japan. The climate and the environmental changes may affect your health. If you have had a big operation before, or if you have any injuries, asthma or allergy, among others, please do let the school know before arrivel.
If you are taking any medicine right now, it will be much safer if you bring a lot to Japan.

General Course

According to Japanese Regulations, those who live in Japan have to take health insurance. All students will get National Health Insurance here in Utsunomiya. The Insurance Fee is around 1600 Yen for each month. With the insurance, you will just pay 30% of the medical expenses. If you get a cold and go to the hospital, the first visit check is around 1500 Yen. If you do not pay the insurance fee you may not be able to renew your Visa

3 Month Course

Students who stay in Japan for less than 3 months cannot enlist in the National Health Insurance. But there is always a risk of an illness or an accident, so for short-term students we recommend to get Foreign Student Insurance supported by the school. Foreign Student Insurance covers 100% of medical fees and rescue cost in unforeseen critical situation as well as life insurance.
Foreign Student Insurance costs 10,000 JPY for 3 months.