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The Tochigi prefecture where Utsunomiya is located is in the middle of Japan, 60 km to 160 km from Tokyo.


The temperature’s different is quite big, the weather is dry in the winter, and it is humid in the Summer. There is quite a lot of rain for the whole year there.

The Average Temperature in 2013

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June
2.1℃ 2.8℃ 9.6℃ 12.1℃ 17.8℃ 21.6℃
July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
25.1℃ 26.9℃ 22.9℃ 17.8℃ 9.7℃ 4.8℃

The Average Temperature in 2013


Around 518,000 people (1 July 2015)


Tochigi prefecture has a development geographic superiority and balanced industrial activities, with a strategist place which is located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Tochifi also ranked 10th in nationwide for agricultural, and 12th for nationwide manufactured goods shipments.
In addition, the Tochigi Prefecture is known to the world for the first time from the Nikko National Park. Tochigi also have eight Prefectural Natural Park that are blessed with natural beauty of the four seasons. There are also a number of hot springs such as Kinugawa; Nasu; and Shiobara. Many tourists visit the Tochigi Prefecture every year.

Popular Things


If people hear Utsunomiya, many people will said Gyoza as an answer. Utsunomiya is the largest gyoza consumption in Japan. Fried Gyoza, Grilled Gyoza, Soup Gyoza, there are a lot of way to enjoy Gyoza.


Not only national wide, there are a lot of bartender that already win the International completion as well. At night, the bartenders start showing off their skill against each other.


In August 2001, Utsunomiya make a slogan “Jazz in the town”, and also build the committee of utsunomiya Jazz, and since then a lot of music event has been made,