Quynh senpai comes from Da Nang – Viet Nam. Now, she is studying in TIEI and will graduate in this September. She has joined an internship from July 22nd to July 28th in Kohakuen Ryokan. Although in this Corona situation now, TIEI always besides our students for supporting them to find a full-time job. We have a short interview to her after she came back from the internship.

Hello Quynh san, long time no see you. How are you? How was your internship?

  • I am fine, thank you! I think the internship was good. Before went to the internship, I was too nervous but everyone, Japanese staffs and Vietnamese staffs, were very friendly and taught me very carefully, so I could become familiar with jobs quickly and completed my intern.

What were your jobs there?

  • I worked as a F&B staff in the Ryokan restaurant. Sometimes, I also cleaned the room after the guest checked out.

How about your day?

  • I ate a free buffet breakfast at 9 a.m in the Ryokan restaurant. Foods are too delicious! Then, I started to work from 1 p.m and finished at 9 p.m. After worked, I went to hot spring with other seniors. TIEI graduated senior are working there, too. When I bath in the hot spring, it was too relaxable and I felt no tired anymore! I cooked dinner by myself, learned Japanese and went to bed around 11~12 p.m.

Which was the most difficult you think?

  • I think the most difficult things is Japanese. When Japanese staffs and guests were spoke naturally, it was too difficult to communication. Although, I passed N3 in 2019 Dec., and I am studying N2 level now, but I could not understand them well. I will try my best to learn Japanese more.

Do you have any advices for your juniors?

I think they should study Japanese more and more if they can, especially in speaking and listening. Then, they also should learn about Japanese business manners ifthey want to work in Japan. I can, so are you!