9:00AM- 18:00PM

Last week, we had a short- interview with Mark -san, from the Philippines, and An -san, from Vietnam. Both are working at Ryokan which was introduced by the school – a Japanese style hotel.

Spring is Coming!!!


Setsubun or 節分 is the day before the start of Spring in the Japanese calendar. The Japanese usually holds a ritual to cleanse away evil spirits and bad luck by throwing soybeans to the "oni" or "demon". In school, we held this traditional event and the students joyfully threw soybeans onto their classmates who were acting as "oni".

First Shrine Visit of the Year

9:30 AM - 12:45 PM

First day of school and the students went to Futarayama Shrine at the city center.
For Japanese, it is customary to go to the shrine during the New Year’s celebration to receive blessings and good luck for the new year. During this time also, people try to get their fortunes done through picking up a piece of paper via drawlots. Different charms with different purposes are also available to prevent bad luck.

TIEI Sports Fest 2018


December 21, TIEI held its 4th annual Sports Fest in Utsunomiya Daigaku. This year’s games are: Team Jump (Jumping Rope), Modified “Bring me” Game, Relay, Throw Ball and Tug-of-War. It was a very fun day and everyone did their best to win the games. However, of course, only one emerged as the winner. Congratulations Team Shinsengumi for winning this year’s competition!!!! Congratulations also to Safa Arabaci from Turkey for winning the MVP award!

Onigiri making at TIEI


Onigiri or Japanese Rice ball is one of the iconic foods that the Japanese has ever created and it gained popularity world wide due to it’s convenience and flavorful taste. In Japan, since people are very busy at work, they don’t have much time to cook food and eat so having an onigiri can at least fill up one’s stomach to gain energy for work. Nowadays, you can easily find onigiri being sold everywhere including supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.

TIEI Welcomes New Students


Time flies so fast and another batch of students enters Tochigi International Education Institute. We are very happy to welcome these hopeful students and help them reach their goals, and that is to get a job in Japan.
To our dear new students, life here maybe tough but if you think positively and enjoy every single moment here in Japan, you’ll definitely reach your end target. Do not worry as the school will be there to support you.
Congratulations and once again welcome to TIEI!!!

2018 Utsunomiya Miya Matsuri


August is the month of festivals in Japan and here in Utsunomiya, we celebrate our own festival called Miya Matsuri or Utsunomiya’s own Tanabata Festival. Like any other festivals, you can see a lot of people wearing traditional attire called yukata, a lot of street performances by the locals, and portable shrines (mikoshi) being carried around Utsunomiya’s main road.
  This was the students’ first festival or matsuri experience. For students with part time job during that time, it was very busy yet worth the experience!

TIEI Tanabata Festival


One of the most awaited event is the Tanabata festival wherein the students can get a chance to try the traditional Japanese summer outfit called “yukata”. In Japan, Tanabata is being held in order to celebrate the once in a year meeting of Orihime and Hikoboshi who were separated due to their work negligence.The festival is normally celebrated every seventh day of the seventh month and is mixed with other traditions such as writing wishes on a piece of colorful paper and hanging them on bamboo branches. Aside from wearing yukata, the students also cooked okonomiyaki which is a famous Japanese food across the country.

TIEI Summer Sportsfest


After rigorous study for the final exam, the school held its first summer sportsfest.
Sportsfest in TIEI is normally held during winterbreak but this time to encourage camaraderie between different nationalities and to relieve from stress, we will hold it twice this year. In this sportsfest, students played numerous parlor games and the usual baton pass as seen on the image on the left. Studying is very important but we shouldn’t forget to enjoy our lives while studying!

「October 2018 Admission」 Application Period


Thank you very much Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan for sending us applicants. The interview was great and we were happy to meet incredible people who want to study Nihongo in Japan. We are hoping that these applicants will reach their goals at the end of the program.

April 2018 Opening Ceremony


Welcome April batch 2018! We are very happy to have you with us here in TIEI.
Living away from your families, then studying while working in Japan may be very tough but we are hoping that you won’t ever forget the excitement that you felt before coming to here. Remember that you come here because of your goal which is to get a job in Japan. Always try your best in learning Nihongo and never give up. We hope that during this one year you’ll make lots of good memories with us!

March 2018 TIEI Graduation Day


Last March 21, 2018, the fifth commencement rite was held at Sougou Bunka Center in Utsunomiya City. Studying away from your family is reallya difficult journey; but to our graduates, this past 1 year was indeed a milestone to them in achieving their goal, which is to get a full time job in Japan! Good luck to our graduates and may you have a succeful career ahead of you!!!

Sports Fest 2017


Last December 21, the school held its anual sportsfest. Here, the students together with the teachers played different games such as the common relay, obstacle relay, 6-legged race, jumping rope and tug-of-war. It was a good competition as well as a good form of relaxation for both the students and teachers. This year, the team called “Edo Jidai” won the whole competition. Despite members of the team were chosen randomly, it is as if the games were 1-sided as almost all the games were won by the same team.

Job Offer Recognition Day


On the same day of the sportsfest, recognition to those who recently got a job offer was held. Students who were given recognition were: Albert Swalio (Indonesia), Pham Thi Khanh Vinh (Vietnam), Tran Thi Thanh Nhan (Vietnam), Nguyen Thi Than (Vietnam), Nguyen Trong Vinh (Vietnam), Roma Rocel Ling (Manila), Jeascon Fortin (Manila), Jem Amog (Manila), Kimberly Apolonio (Manila), Kent Bacalando (Cebu), Jannie Reyes (Davao) and Rebecka Salvatierra (Davao). For Kimberly Apolonio and Rebecka Salvatierra, it is already their 2nd time to receive job offer and the school is extremely proud to announce that.