In TIEI, we strongly encourage students to get a part time job while studying in our school. Our reason is that we believe that through part-time job, students will be able to enhance their conversational skills and apply their theoretical learnings from school at work. Learning a language in a classroom setting may not be enough to absorb everything especially when we talk about communication.
 Aside from conversational skills, having a part-time job promotes discipline, sense of responsibility and independence. Working in Japan may be different from working elsewhere as Japanese people truly values work ethics more than any other things. Language may seem like a barrier, but in the part-time job, the most important thing is your attitude towards work.

What kind of jobs do students do?

 Of course this depends on demands. Majority of our students get a job in the restaurant industry as there are lots of restaurants across Utsunomiya. Also, it’s easier to get a job in the restaurant as restaurants often accept foreigners even those with basic Nihongo level. With regard to the contents of the job, this varies and depends on both the student and the company. Students who cannot communicate well yet in Nihongo are usually given tasks which do not require much communication such as dishwashing or cleaning the kitchen. Students who can communicate well in Nihongo are usually given order taking job or cooking job. However, this does not mean that if you’re given a dishwashing job you’ll do that job for 1 year. If you show that you can do other things aside from dishwashing, then you will be level-upped to another job.


Below is the general schedule and part-time job hunting flow of the students.


Part-time Job

Part-time Job Shift

 Shift and schedule depend solely on the company; however since you are a student and must attend school during daytime, we inform your class schedule to the company. Generally, students work 5 days or 6 days a week about 4 hours or 5 hours per day with dayoff not usually on Saturday and Sunday. Working time usually starts 6 o’clock in the evening and may finish late depending on how busy the operation is.

Part-time Job Salary

 Of course you won’t be working for free in your part-time job. Like any other staff, you will be given compensation for your hard work. Amount to be received will be computed per hour work; thus, we can appropriately term it as hourly wage. However, most companies in Japan give wages once a month so be sure to properly budget everything. In Utsunomiya, the wage is about 800 yen per hour. So more or less, if you work about 25 hours per week, you’ll receive about 80,000 yen in one month. Hours depend however on the student. Students who do well in the operation are given more time whereas students who are not really helpful to the operation are given fewer working hours by the company

Visa Status

 Since you are going to study in Japan, the visa that the immigration will provide you is called “student visa”. In Japan, there is a law stating that student visa holders can only work up to 28 hours per week and if you exceed 28 hours, you may be arrested and worse deported by the immigration. To avoid this, despite the fact that there is separation between the school and company, we monitor each of our student’s part time job hours. Moreover, if you quit school or finish the one year program, you’ll be given only 1 week to go back to your country as your student visa will be invalidated by the immigration. Once invalidated, students are deprived from doing any work in Japan.

Please refer to the link below:

◆Immigration Bureau of Japan: Click here for further information