Frequently Asked Question

What kind of school is Tochigi International Education Institute?
Tochigi International Education Institute is basically a Nihongo Language School. Though we are just a language school, we do assist and guide our students in terms of job hunting activities.
Do you accept installment for tuition fee and other fees?
For the tuition fee, you may only chose either 6 months or 1 year payment scheme. For the acommodation fe for the first 6 months, you need to pay it whole. After that, you may pay it monthly. (Please note that there may be some countries wherein students are required to pay full tuition fee)
When do we need to pay the fees?
Before the processing of documents, we wil be charging you 20,000 yen for the application fee. Tuition fee, acommodation fee and others fees will be charged only after the immigration has released your COE.
What will happen if we fail to pay the tuition fee & other fees on time?
We are sad to say but depending on the reason, we may cancel your application. Deadline of payment refers to the date when the school has confirmed the payment from the bank. If the money will come from outside Japan, please be aware of the number of days it will take to transfer the money to our account.
What is COE?
COE or Certificate of Eligibility refers to the certificate issued by the immigration of Japan acknowleging that you can go to Japan as a student of this school. Without this certificate, you cannot apply for Japan Student Visa.
Do I need Japanese language background in order to apply in TIEI?
It is necessary to get a N5 certificate(JLPT) or finish a Japanese course at least 150 huors.
What are the usual part-time jobs of the students?
More or less, restaurant job such as dishwashing, hall work, kitchen work,etc. However the kind of work may depend on the student’s attitude towards work, and skills.
Will I earn consistent amount of money monthly in my part time job?
No, your salary is not fixed. It depends on the total number of hours worked in one month. Your number of working hours however depends greatly on your performance at work. If you are not very helpful to the operation, they might just give you shorter time; ergo, small salary. Also, please note that students can only work up to 28 hours per week based on Japan rule. Please refer to:
What kind of full-time job do your students usually get?
Majority of our students get a job in the hotel industry.
Is the school’s dormitory fully furnished with everything we need?
It depends on how you define “fully furnished”. To make it more elaborate, you can only find refrigerator, gas stove, rice cooker, microwave oven,washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Other than those, none. However,you may buy your own heater, electric fan, table, chair, drawer, etc. on your own expense.
Can we find our own apartment?
For the first 6 months, you are required to stay in the school’s dormitory.However, if you insist on getting your own apartment, you may after 6 months. However you need to pay for dorm cancellation fee once you decided to leave the schol dormitory.
Do we have student health insurance?
Yes, a foreign individual who wishes to study in Japan must comply to the country’s rule regarding health insurance. Upon arrival in Japan, we will help you apply for the insurance. Please note that you need to pay monthly fees for it to the city hall. Please refer to the link below:

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