Built in 2014 with a capacity of 80 students, the school is located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi. Since the school maintains a good balance of student-teacher ratio, students get more value for their time and money.

We offer Japanese language education to foreign students in an era of globalization where working overseas and the use of foreign language is an important skill to further one's career.


The employment preparation course is for those who want to live and work in Japan. Within the span of 1 year, students can reach the Japan Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 level and be well suited for employment in Japan.

TIEI prepares students for employment through various seminars, Japanese business lessons, and as well as company internships.


TIEI provides its students training and support for job hunting through seminars (self-analysis, writing Japanese CV, Japanese business etiquette), mock interviews, and company internship assistance.


TIEI provides student-friendly dormitories that have easy access to the school, supermarket, and transportation. The school provides assistance in processing documents to ensure smooth a living experience for students.

The dormitories include basic furniture and living appliances, and WiFi internet access, so students can move in to their new living quarters without any additional cost.


Life in Japan can be similiar or different depending on the student's home country, you can learn more about the daily life in Utsunomiya, like prices in commodities, transportation, insurance, and so on, in this section. Click on the button below to learn more.


In order to truly have an immersive Japanese learning experience and accelerate our students's learning pace, we introduce our students to various companies to take part-time jobs.

The main purpose of doing so is to gain experience and learn communication skills beyond what you could learn at school.

VOLUNTEER (Recruitment)