Voices of Current Students


My name is Puri Dipak and I am Nepalese. Since I joined TIEI, I have learned to manage my time better, for example I always get up at the same time and do my homework. I think time management is very good because time is very important in Japan. This school is very strict about study and attendance, and they not only teach us about study, but also social rules, Japanese culture, and help us to find a job. In the future, I plan to work in a Japanese hotel. So now, under the guidance of the school, I am working hard to learn the rules of hotels and keigo (honorific speech).


My name is NISHIKAWA HIROLYN SIMBORIO and I am a Filipino. I came to Japan in October 2023. I think the best school in Japan is TIEI, this school helped me when I came to Japan, not only for my part time job but also for my life in Japan.
I feel I have a very bright future because TIEI has created an excellent environment where I can communicate with teachers and classmates at any time, and the classes are very easy to understand.
My dream is to work in a hotel in Japan, and TIEI is helping me to achieve my dream. I will make it.

Voices of Graduate


Hello everyone, my nickname is Nima, a graduate. I am currently working at the front desk of a hotel. When I came to Japan, the language and life was very difficult, but after learning the language at TIEI, I realized that it is not impossible to challenge myself. I was very impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the environment in Japan, and as a result of my studies, I was able to change my student visa to a working visa in one year. If you want to find your future in Japan, it will never fail to be done. Improve your language in one year and change your visa in one year.


My name is Garcia Judy Ann Caintic. TIEI is a very good school. They taught me not only Japanese language but also Japanese business and “Omotenashi” (hospitality). They train us strictly on conversation skills to prepare us for employment. They also helped me find a job in Japan. I am now working at a ryokan in Mie Prefecture. The school also taught me how to practice for interviews and what I should pay attention to. My dream is to live in Japan for a long time and TIEI was a great foundation for that.