We are Japanese language school for international students looking to work in Japanese hotel or ryokan

Our school not only teaches Japanese language, but also culture and manners, and cultivates talented people with high-level communication skills.

Since its establishment in 2015, Tochigi International Education Institute has been educating international students who aim to find employment in Japanese hotels and ryokans.

Our school has been certified by the Ministry of Justice as a Japanese language school (Class I, an excellent school), so international students can obtain a residence status and study with peace of mind.

Through various activities in and outside of school, the school promotes the development of talented people who can be active in Japan by deepening their understanding for Japanese language, culture and acquiring the conversation skills necessary for communication. We provide thorough support to students from admission to employment.

Immigration Bureau certified excellent school (Class I, an appropriate school)

Ministry of Justice notification school

TIEI’s unique education system

One Year Employment Course

TIEI’s employment course is one year.

Since most other schools take 2 years, our students can get a job in the shortest time with the least burden of tuition fees.

Conversation skills-oriented classes

TIEI provides Japanese language education that emphasizes conversational skills through an educational system that incorporates our own unique program. Students acquire practical Japanese language skills that are effectively useful in the workplace.

Specialized career education

Education related to hotel and tourism industry

・Expertise in the tourism industry
・Hotel terminology
・Specific skills (lodging) test preparation class
・Hotel front desk system class: TIEI is the only Japanese language school that has a hotel front desk system class. Students can learn how to operate the authentic system.

Education to become a member of society

Students learn what is necessary to work in Japan. You will learn manners, rules, and lifestyle.

Internship Program

We provide internship training at various hotels and ryokans.

Achievement of high employment rate in hotels and ryokans

Education in the 4 skills required by Jananese companies

Japanese language skills

Acquire conversational skills and be able to communicate with others and in different situations.

Basic skills for working adults

Learn business manners as a member of society, and cooperativeness and flexibility to work as a team with diverse people.

Job hunting skills

Students prepare for job interviews by learning how to write a resume, interview practice, and personal grooming etc.

Japanese Lifestyle

Learn the differences in culture, customs, and events between countries, and acquire the lifestyle necessary for living in Japan.

Chairman’s Greeting

Tochigi International Education Institute Chairman
Yoshiteru Shimizu

Tochigi International Education Institute is a Japanese language school specializing in human resource development for lodging facilities. Our students study with the goal of finding employment at hotels and ryokans in Japan.

The lodging industry in the tourism industry, which is indispensable for future economic development, has a particularly strong influence. There is an urgent need to take measures to address the labor shortage caused by the declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation. As globalization progresses, it is becoming necessary to create a system that includes excellent foreign staff.

Our school teaches not only the Japanese language, but also the knowledge of culture, customs, morals, and other things necessary for a member of society, as well as things related to hotels and ryokans. We guide students to acquire what they need to work in a lodging facility, such as cooperativeness and common sense cultivated in a boarding school environment, and part-time jobs dedicated to the service industry. We also emphasize the basics, such as punctuality, greetings, cleaning, and health care. We deal with these issues with strictness, and our students are passionate and energetic every day.

We will continue to make every effort to be of service in the development of human resources who will take part in the lodging industry.



  • Hitomi Nawa, Head of Academic Affairs

    TIEI is the toughest school in Japan. But when all the studentsgraduate, they say, “It was a fun year!” That doesn’t just mean it was only tough, it means they spent a fulfilling year. Let’s spend a fulfilling year together!

  • Reiko Shidori, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs

    Thank you for choosing Japanese from among the many languages. Japanese is said to be difficult, but I want you to enjoy learning it. We can work it out!

  • Miki Suzuki-sensei

    I will teach you kindly, (sometimes) strictly, and with love so that you can improve your Japanese level. Enjoy studying Japanese for the goal of finding a job.

  • Yuki Otsubo-sensei

    Keep on growing up Japanese with the teachers, staff, and seniors to achieve your goals in Japan! I look forward to seeing you all.

【Administrative and Student Support Staff】

  • Yoshitane Seki, Executive Director

    We are a Japanese language school offering not only Japanese language study but also employment in Japan to our studemts. We are looking forward to receiving applications from students who are eager to continue living in Japan.


    We believe that international students are often bewildered by their new life in Japan, due to language and cultural differences. I am sure that you may feel uneasy about many things in your life. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask me anytime.


    Our school offers programs to support your career in the hotel industry as well as learning Japanese language. We are ready to provide a wide range of curriculum from practical daily conversation to hotel industry specific terminology and manners. Why don’t you take the first step to make your dream in the hotel industry come true at our school?

  • Saori Ogawa

    I am sure you have many worries and anxieties in your unfamiliar life in Japan. Please feel free to talk to us about anything. Have many fun experiences in Japan! I hope I can help you have a fulfilling study abroad experience. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

【Employment Support Staff】

  • Ken Tamura

    We support the students who want to work at Japanese hotels and ryokans! What do you need to work at a Japanese hotel or ryokan? Have a lot of learning together from business manners to hotel systems and more!

  • Yuriko Sayama

    I hope you will practice a pleasant smile, greetings, behavior, and consideration, and experience many things together. I will help you find employment in Japan and have a happy future.


  • Yayoi Tanaka

  • Houjyo

  • Tsukada

  • Sakayori

About the School Location

Tochigi International Education Institute is located in the center of Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.

The school is conveniently located near a train station and department stores. A short distance away from the school is Nikko, a famous World Heritage site, and Nasu Highlands, which is rich in nature.

SK Building, 1-2-3 Nishi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi Japan 320-0861

3 minutes walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station