Support for your first study abroad and living in Japan

We are ready to help you settle into life in Japan as soon as you arrive.
We provide a wide range of support so that you can enjoy an enjoyable and comfortable student life.
Features: full dormitory system, introduction to part-time jobs, free bicycle loan (with insurance), health checkups


We hold various events to experience the charm and culture of Japan during school life.

Interaction with the Local Community

Communication with local residents, part-time workers, and Japanese language volunteers is an important part of the curriculum.

  • Part-time work

    We have a government-recognized certification to support part-time work.

  • Contribution to the local community

    Participating in volunteer cleanup activities such as picking up trash in the city.

Fully equipped student dormitory

Dormitories are available for all students.
Through living together, you will understand other countries’ cultures and learn how to build better human relationships.
In addition, you will be able to learn about group life and rules after getting a job.