One of the reasons why we call the course “Job Preparatory Course” is because we incorporate job hunting related activities in it. Since our goal is for students to have higher chances of getting full-time job after the one year program, we have included lectures and seminar in the course such as Japanese resume making, job interview practice, Japanese business manners lectures, etc. We assure you that through this course, getting a job in Japan would be a lot easier than you think as long as you do your part in the process.

Course Curriculum

Job Preparatory Course

 ◆Regarding CEFR: Click here for further information

Hotel Internship

 Every school break we offer internship program to our students for them to learn more about omotenashi or Japanese style of hospitality and of course the proper work ethics and discipline in Japan. For 1 week, students will stay in the hotel and experience how to work in a Japanese hotel setting. Kind of tasks that may be assigned includes front desk, housekeeping and hotel restaurant works. Other benefits from this hotel internship may include, but not limited to 1 week free accommodation, transportation allowance and meals. Salary on the other hand is not provided.
 Our school consider this internship program as part of job hunting activities since the majority of our students gets absorbed by the same hotel where they had their internship with. Key points in order to get absorbed by the hotel are: Japanese communication skills, work initiative, and of course your attitude towards work, your co-workers and the guests.

Job Hunting Success Rate

ob Hunting Success Rate

Change of Visa

 Since students are holding “student visa”, a change of visa status to “work visa” must take place. Based on Japan law, foreigners with student visa status can only work up to 28 hours per week; thus, you cannot work full time without work visa. Please refer to the links provided below.

 ◆Immigration Bureau of Japan: Click here for further information
 ◆Ministry of Justice : Click here for further information
 ◆Guideline : Click here for your reference

 Work visa processing may take up to 2 months or so depending solely on the immigration. That’s why in this case, it is better to start processing your visa 2 months before the end of your program. Change of status processing fee is usually shoudered by the company which hired you. However, this may depend on your agreement with the company during the job offer.